Eisai’s Medical Education (ME) Grants Program provides funding in the form of an educational grant to support bona-fide educational programs and activities related to or covering current disease states, patient care, or scientific and medical information. Educational grants must support independent, educational, non-promotional programs and activities, which support health care provider education, advance the quality of patient care, and align with Eisai’s therapeutic or clinical interests.

All grant application requests must be in compliance with Eisai policies, procedures, and requirements, including all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, for consideration by Eisai.

Detailed submission policies and procedures are posted on this website for your use. If you have any questions regarding the preparation of the application, or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the Eisai Grants Department:

Email: eisai_edugrants@eisai.com

Toll-Free: 866-434-1286

Please allow 1 business day for return reply.

  • Therapeutic Focus

    Eisai is currently accepting medical education grant applications for the following therapeutic areas:



    • Alzheimer's Disease (Early AD Only)

    • Adverse Reaction Management
    • Breast Cancer
    • Endometrial Cancer
    • Head and Neck Cancer
    • Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    • Real World Evidence
    • Renal Cell Carcinoma
    • Thyroid Cancer
  • Grant Review Committee Meetings

    The Grant Review Committees (Neurology and Oncology) meet on a monthly basis to review eligible requests.

    Applications should be submitted at least 45 days prior to the scheduled program or activity or to any applicable submission deadline to which the Requestor is subject. Requests submitted less than 45 days prior to the scheduled program/activity or to any applicable submission deadline to which the ME Requestor is subject will be reviewed at the Committee’s discretion. Requests submitted less than 30 days prior to the scheduled program/activity or to any applicable submission deadline to which the ME Requestor is subject will not be reviewed by the Committee. Grant requests may also be rejected if they are considered to be incomplete.

  • Submission Procedures

    All applications must be entered into our Grants Management System. Please visit our grant management system, https://eisaigfms.my.site.com/grants to enter your grant information.

    To begin your application in our grant management system, please create a login and password or enter your existing user name and password.

    Please select the therapeutic area for which you are requesting funding to ensure accuracy in tracking your application and to avoid any delays in reviewing the application.

    Once the grant application is completed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation along with a tracking number. You may be contacted if there are any questions about the application. The request will then be reviewed by the relevant Medical Education Grants Committee.

    Upon completion of review, requestors will be notified of the Committee’s decision via email.

    If your application is approved, Eisai will generate a written agreement between Eisai and the applicable requesting organization(s). Upon execution of the agreement, Eisai will arrange to make issuance of payment(s) as per the agreement requirements.

  • Eligible Grant Requests

    Eisai may provide funding in the form of an educational grant to support bona-fide educational programs and activities which communicate the most current disease awareness, scientific and medical information to the medical and healthcare community to improve patient care.

    The Eisai grant approval process is conducted in accordance with the recommendations and mandates of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Guidelines, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, as well as internal Eisai policies and other applicable guidelines.

    Grant approvals are never related to or otherwise conditioned upon the past, present or future prescribing, purchasing, or recommending of Eisai products and are awarded at Eisai’s sole discretion.

    Educational Grants, including Continuing Medical Education (CME), that may be considered for funding include, but are not limited to  the following:

    • Accredited educational activities and programs (e.g., ACCME, ACPE, ANEC)
    • Programs without CME or other Continuing Education credits that are independent and not brand specific (e.g., grand rounds programs)
    • National/regional scientific and medical congresses, conventions, conferences and symposia
    • Overall conference support for hospitals, medical centers, university medical schools, regional/local medical societies
    • Enduring materials (e.g., CME publications, monographs, etc.)
    • Fellowships and scholarships (only those affiliated with a teaching institution, hospital, or medical/scientific association or society and commensurate with activities to be performed where the individual recipients are not selected by Eisai or its co-promote or business partners. Note: Scholarships to sponsored CME programs are not allowed)
    • Medical education events delivered via the Internet, CD-ROMs,teleconferences, web casts, etc.
    • Patient/caregiver education relating to medical or public health information (Materials must be developed by grant recipient)

    Types of Requests that WILL NOT be funded by the Eisai Educational Grants Committee include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Payments to individuals for any educational activity
    • Costs associated with funding or sponsorship of meals at a CME conference
    • Charitable contributions, runs, walks, gala events and other fundraisers
    • Support linked to product purchase, pricing or rebate negotiation, or access to formulary
    • Sponsorship of meetings where the Company receives benefits such as corporate recognition, product logos, or advertising (e.g., Gold Sponsorship of patient advocacy groups) without any associated educational program / activity
    • Registration fees, travel expenses, continuing education credits, and other costs for non-faculty participants or HCP attendees
    • Consulting, professional or other business arrangements (e.g., advisory boards, commercial product booths, etc).
    • Support for activities where the Company selects the speaker or program content (e.g. lunch and learns, Company-sponsored Speaker Programs, branded Grand Rounds)
    • Costs associated with display space, table top fees or exhibit booths for Eisai.
    • Programs that plan to use Company personnel as speakers or consultants
    • To an individual, group of HCPs or physician practices
    • Recreational events or entertainment for meeting attendees
    • Support of promotional activities
    • Gifts
  • Eligible Organizations

    Requestors and organizers of the educational programs or activities must maintain independence and have full control over the delivery and development of the program supported by Eisai. Eisai may not direct or influence the content of the educational program or play any role in the program.

    Eligible Organizations include, but are not limited to:

    • Body or a representative from an ACCME-accredited (or equivalent) provider
    • National/regional medical/scientific organization
    • University or other teaching institution
    • Hospital or similar healthcare facility
    • Third-party medical education company that is either itself accredited or is affiliated with an accredited CME provider

    Ineligible Organizations include, but are not limited to:

    • Individual healthcare providers or groups of healthcare providers in private practice
    • Organizations that have been previously awarded an Eisai medical education grant but have not provided the required budget reconciliation
    • Debarred institutions, organizations or groups
    • Requestors involved in any activities related to the promotion of any Eisai products for two (2) years prior to the submission of their grant request
    • Vendors who have provided, either directly or indirectly, both services or support for accredited CME programs and activities and Eisai’s promotional services within the two (2) year period (Note: requests from these vendors may be approved only if the Educational Grants Review Committee determines that any actual or potential conflicts of interest have been adequately minimized by the vendor’s structure or practices (e.g. firewall exists)).
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)

    Eisai’s competitive grant program may involve a publicly posted Request for Proposal (RFP) as that need arises, and will be submitted to grant requestor portals as appropriate. The RFP provides details regarding a general area of interest, timelines for review and approval and uses an independent review process to make final grant decisions. Organizations will be invited to apply addressing the specific RFP.

    Publically posted RFPs will include release date as well as grant application due dates.

    Grant proposals received in response to RFPs during the acceptable time frame will be reviewed by the committee according to the review process described above. The RFP will serve as a tool that will provide a framework for the committee to systematically assess the quality of educational programming being described in the grant requests.