Eisai’s Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Program provides independent research grants to an investigator or institution in the form of clinical supplies and/or funding to eligible applicants. IIS research grants must support scientifically compelling and innovative studies that are consistent with Eisai’s strategic research goals and therapeutic areas of focus and must address legitimate medical or scientific questions.

All IIS applications and proposals must be in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations and Eisai's policies and procedures.

Detailed submission policies and procedures are posted on this website for your use. If you have any questions regarding the preparation of the application, or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the Eisai Grants Department:

Email: eisai_iisgrants@eisai.com

Toll-Free: 866-434-8176

Please allow 1 business day for return reply.

Documents & Resources

Forms, Documents and Links to assist you with the application process for EISAI GRANTS®

Neurology IIS

IIS Information for Your Application

To assist you with preparing your IIS application, please see the attached list of information that you should have ready when you complete the application forms. The following is a checklist of the items which we request as part of your submission.


IIS Application Form and IIS Budget template

Please utilize these templates. Download, save, and submit to eisai_iisgrants@eisai.com.

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Oncology IIS

Please click the link to begin your Oncology IIS application.